Welcome to the World of Shoesme baby and children's shoes

A world of walking in comfort, the perfect fit. Using Shoesme lasts and insoles, high-quality materials and trendy designs. Are you curious what Shoesme stands for and how it all started? Below is our story!

The first steps of Shoesme!

Michiel Slaats, founder of Shoesme, noticed at the time that children's shoes were only developed into a wide size and only with stiff soles. The knowledge of the foot growing in different phases hadn’t been considered into any of the designs for children’s shoes. So, Shoesme was born in 1999, the first brand to adjust the design of baby and children's shoes to the growth and development of a child's foot. Shoesme started with BABY-PROOF® baby shoes for their first steps. Shoesme, twice a year, brought a new trendy baby shoe collection in-line with the latest fashion. But also, a shoe that allowed your children’s feet to grow naturally and correctly, thanks to the patented BABY-PROOF® bubble sole.

The perfect shoe for every stage

A baby learning to walk for the very first time has completely different needs in a shoe compared to that of a toddler who has mastered walking and is exploring the world at their own pace. Shoesme has translated this into unique concepts for babies and children.

Coolbrand Kids

This innovative approach to children's shoes was soon embraced by the public. In 2006, Shoesme was named Coolbox Kids 2006 by market research bureau Trendbox, making it one of the coolest brands in the Netherlands. Trendbox stated, "a 'cool' brand is innovative, original, has its own designs, but especially its own fans". Shoesme follows in the footsteps of brands such as Oilily, Sony PlayStation and The Sims.

We make use of our knowledge for every collection

Shoesme kept on surprising the market with continuous development of these concepts. For example, when the company was taking its very own first steps it developed ‘BABY-PROOF®’ shoes, the concept was then later developed into ‘BABY-PROOF® SMART’. Baby footwear that has a unique profile sole. The collection has been expanded in recent years with different concepts for both toddler and baby who can or who are learning to walk. Recently, rain boots and even backpacks, to complete your outfit, have been added to the ever growing Shoesme collection, which are all available now either online or in-store.

The first walking shoes and first trainers for babies from 0 to 2 years are still the flagships of Shoesme. This is reflected in the full-fledged first step shoes and the first trainer collections. Over the past 20 years, Shoesme has grown to be the brand for the small sizes. We are therefore very proud that thousands of children have been learning to walk in Shoesme shoes over the recent years. From a small brand in a niche market, Shoesme has become an international player with over 500 retail outlets, three brand stores, a web shop and a fast growing population of shop-in-shops.

A game changer in the market

With a new vision of baby and children's shoes, Shoesme became a game changer in the market. The success of the concepts of Shoesme has not gone unnoticed. Other children shoe specialist brands are keen to compete with Shoesme so they adapt Shoesme concepts to their own ideals. However, the appearance or name of the concept may look like Shoesme, but the, quality, fit and in-depth thought is what makes all the difference in a Shoesme shoe. For example, the patented running sole of ‘BABY-PROOF ®’ SMART is the only sole in the market with a hallmark safe for 0-3 year olds. Shoesme stands for quality, innovation and fair-trade products. This is displayed with our European manufactures, the use of high quality leathers and the use of our expertise and the constant innovation of unique Shoesme concepts.